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Weekend trip to Masai Mara in Kenya

Weekend trip to Masai Mara in Kenya

Last year before moving back to Mumbai from Kenya, the family decided to do the MUST VISIT trip to Masai Mara – a large animal reserve in Kenya (Africa). The scenes we experienced were something we had seen only on National Geographic and Discovery TV Channels.


Click here to see more photos from the trip

The drive to Masai Mara from Nairobi is a bit long and gets rough towards the later end.…

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22 things happy people do differently

There are two types of people in the world:
- Those who choose to be happy and those who choose to be unhappy.
Contrary to popular belief, happiness does not come from fame, wealth or
material goods.
It comes from within.
The richest person in the world can be miserably unhappy, while a homeless
may be smiling and happy with his life.
The people are happy because they are happy.
They have a positive outlook on life and are at peace with themselves.
The question is: how do they do it?
It’s very simple.
Happy people have habits that improve their lives and behave differently.
Ask a happy person and she will say:

1. Do not hold a grudge.
Happy people understand that it is better to forgive and forget to let the
negative feelings dominate.
Grudge is harmful and can cause depression, anxiety and stress.
Why let an offense for someone exercising some power over you?
If you forget your grudges, will gain a clear conscience, and enough to
enjoy the good things of life energy.

2. Treat everyone with kindness.
You knew it was scientifically proven that being kind makes you happy?
Being altruistic makes your brain produce serotonin, a hormone that reduces
stress and lifts your spirit.
Treat people with love, dignity and respect allows you to build stronger

3. See problems as challenges.
The word “problem” is not part of the vocabulary of a happy person.
One problem, most often, is seen as a disadvantage, a fight or a difficult
But when viewed as a challenge, can turn into something positive, as an
Whenever you face an obstacle, consider it a challenge.

. Express gratitude for what you already have.
There is a popular saying:
- “The happiest people do not have the best of everything, they make the
best of everything with what they have.”
You will have a deeper sense of contentment to count your blessings instead
of yearning for what you have.

5. Dream big.
People who have the habit of dreaming big are more likely to accomplish
their goals than those who do not.
If you dare to dream big, your mind will take a focused and positive

6. Do not worry about the little things.
Happy people are asking:
- “Does this problem have the same matter in a year?”
They understand that life is too short to worry about trivial situations.
Let problems roll around you will definitely leave you free to enjoy more
important things.

7. Speak well of others.
Being good is better than being bad. Gossip can be fun, but generally
leaves you feeling guilty and resentful.
Say nice things about people leads you to think positive and not worry
about judging them.

8. Do not look guilty.
Happy people do not blame others for their own failures.
Instead, they take their mistakes and, in doing so, change for the better.

9. Live the present.
Happy people do not live in the past or worry about the future.
They savor the present.
Engage in whatever you are doing at the moment.
Stop and smell the roses.

10. Wake up at the same times every day.
Have you noticed that many successful people tend to be early risers?
Waking up at the same time stabilizes your metabolism, increases
productivity and puts us in a calm and centered state.
11. Do not compare yourself to others.
Everyone has their own pace.
So why compare yourself to others?
Think be better than someone else leads to a feeling of superiority and not
very healthy,
if you think otherwise, you end up feeling inferior.
So, focus on your own progress.

12. Choose your friends wisely.
Misery loves company.
Therefore, it is important to surround yourself with optimistic people who
will encourage you to achieve your goals.
The more positive energy around you, the better you’ll feel.

13. Do not seek the approval of others.
Happy people do not care what others think of them.
Follow their own hearts, while the naysayers discourage them, and
understand that it is impossible to please everyone.
Listen to what people have to say, but never seek approval from anyone.

14. Take your time to listen.
Talk less, listen more. Play keeps an open mind. The more you listen, the
more content you absorb.

15. Cultivate social relationships.
A person is not an unhappy person. Happy people understand how important it
is to have strong and healthy relationships.
Always make time to meet and talk with your family and friends.

16. Meditate.
Staying in Silence helps you find your inner peace.
You do not have to be a Zen master to achieve meditation.
Happy people know how to mute their minds at any time and place, to calm

17. Eat well.
Everything you eat directly affects the ability of your body to produce
hormones, which will set your mood, energy and mental focus.
Be sure to eat foods that will keep your healthy and in good shape and your
body more peaceful mind.

18. Exercise.
Studies have shown that exercise increases levels of happiness and
self-esteem and produces a sense of self-fulfillment

19. Live with what is really important.
Happy people keep a few things around you because they know that the
excesses leave overwhelmed and stressed.
Studies have concluded that Europeans are much happier than Americans
because they live in smaller homes, drive cars and have simpler less items

20. Tell the truth.
Lying erodes their self-esteem and makes unsympathetic.
The truth always free.
Be honest improves your mental health and causes others to have more
confidence in you.
Always be truthful and never apologize for it.

21. Establish personal control.
Happy people have the ability to choose their own destinies.
They do not let others tell how to live their lives.
Being in complete control of your own life brings positive feelings and
increases self-esteem.

22. Accept what can not be changed.
After accepting the fact that life is not fair, you’ll be more at peace
with yourself.
Therefore, focus only on what you can control and change for the better.

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